Punjabi Chicken

Punjabi Chicken

North Indian food always was and still is the primary cuisine of our house and in our family. I personally have always loved Indian food; from all the different meat dishes to the vegetarian dishes, I could never get sick of it. Since I got married, I found myself making more and more of Indian food and less of my beloved Italian food.

Indian food has always felt like comfort for me; I make it especially when I miss my Mom or my Grandmother. Read More »

Shrimp Biryani with Raita (Yogurt & Cucumbers)


Biryani is a traditional Indian dish that has been developed into numerous varieties spread across North & South India. It is such a sophisticated dish; my mom would usually reserve it for special occasions. Biryani is infused with so many different spices and flavors that the aroma of it is simply breathtaking.

Of all the Indian dishes I cook, Biryani is definitely one of my favorites. Every step of this recipe leaves me with such an incredible smell of the different spices used. Read More »