Get Healthy Skin & Hair with these 4 Natural Ingredients

Whenever I would visit India, my grandmother would always put together natural ingredient treatments for my skin and hair. These treatments are made with household items that we use in our everyday cooking, making it convenient and accessible.

When it comes to beauty, we tend to go for the over-marketed products that get slapped with big brand names and big price tags. Why? We figure if it is a big brand and expensive it must do what it advertises. Read More »

Greek Kale Salad

Mediterranean Kale Salad

One of my favorite cuisines is Greek food. I absolutely love the different taste palettes it offers and how flavorful each dish is; I am always left wanting more. A short while ago, I went to an amazing Greek restaurant and had the most memorable experience. It had an intimate setting on the outside patio with beautiful string lights and live music; it was absolutely perfect. Read More »