Classic French Toast

Easy Classic French Toast Recipe



Classic French Toast Recipe
Classic French Toast Recipe


I think we all can agree that the second most amazing food is bread; butter being the obvious first. Bread is extremely versatile and well..just plain right delicious. You can have it at any time of the day with any kind of food and it never lets you down.

For me, having bread in the mornings for breakfast is always my go to. Since I leave early in the mornings for work and my husband doesn’t leave until later, we really only have Saturdays to eat breakfast together. Read More »

Spicy Cajun Drumsticks

Garlic Cajun Drumsticks


I like to plan my dinners ahead of time, so I know what needs to be prepared and when to make it. Since I work full time as well, I need to get a bit creative with what I make; I usually go for the quick but tasty dishes on the weeknights. These garlic cajun drumsticks are not only quick and easy but they are so flavorful and juicy when you make them.Read More »

Pista Malai Kulfi (Pistachio Indian Ice Cream)


Kulfi (eggless Indian ice cream) is one of the most popular North Indian desserts. There are numerous varieties of kulfi flavors to choose from, the choices are almost endless. My favorite part about kulfi is how creative you can really get with making it. You can either make it simple yet flavorful or create something with a burst of flavors.

For the brief period of time I used to live in India, there were several things I fondly remember falling in love with; one of them being street vendor food. Read More »

M&M Brownie Cookies


There’s something about cookies that have a very calming effect to them. They are the ultimate comforting food, perfect for all situations. You just broke up with your boyfriend and your friends show up with freshly baked cookies. You had a rough day at school, but your mom bakes cookies and everything feels better. Cookies have a certain healing power to them, not only because they are so chocolatey and delicious, but because they take us back to how we felt when we ate them in an unpleasant situation. Read More »

Chocolate Chip Banana Bread

Chocolate Chip Banana Bread

Chocolate Chip Banana Bread
We all have those days where nothing seems to be going right; where nothing seems to be helping. All you want to do is sit on your couch with your pup, watch some Friends, and stuff your face with comfort food.

I had one of those days yesterday- I put on Friends (the ultimate mood fixer) and was about to have cookies and milk until I thought, why not make my own comfort food. For me, baking (and cooking) fixes everything. It’s that one thing that gets your mind off of everything and instantly lifts you up (especially when the end result is yummy). Read More »

Sukhe Aloo (Stir Fry Potatoes)

Sukhe Aloo4.pngSukhe Aloo is one of those dishes that is quick and easy to make but tastes so amazing. My mom’s go to dinner was always Sukhe Aloo and Rajma, which ultimately became two of my favorite dishes. If you are one of those who absolutely love potatoes, like my husband, then this dish is a MUST. Not only is it super simple to make but it’s so different from all other aloo (potato) dishes.

Like all my other recipes, this one is a combination of my mom’s recipe as well as my own experimentation. Read More »

Tandoori Chicken; restaurant style!

My recipe for Tandoori Chicken took me a few tries to really perfect it, but I can now say it is truly PERFECTION. According to my husband, my Tandoori Chicken is better than any he’s had at a restaurant- and that is huge, considering he’s extremely judgy when it comes to 2 things: meat dishes & desserts.

I’ve found that letting the chicken sit in the marinade for at least 3 days really is a must; it makes the chicken all the more flavorful. Read More »



Anyone who knows me knows how much I love bread-and bread with Balsamic Vingar… even better. I was first introduced to Bruschetta by my best friend, Amanda. A bunch of us friends had met up for dinner and she had made bruschetta, chicken breasts, and we paired it with a nice bottle of Moscotto. It was our favorite kind of girls night; we would just meet up to eat and have a great time talking about life, food, and our future plans. Read More »

Gajar Ka Halwa (Carrot Halwa)


My Husband and I both have a really bad sweet tooth. We both grew up around family and friends that would make rich and tasty desserts, especially Indian desserts. Not only do they satisfy any sweet craving, they are all unique in their own way. One of our favorites is Gajar Ka Halwa/Gajrela (Carrot Halwa). It’s a very full flavored dish that has very little ingredients but bursts with flavor.

As a kid, I was not okay with the fact that I was given carrots for dessert, because let’s face it… that sounds a bit too healthy for a dessert. Read More »

Manchurian Gobi (Cauliflower)

Manchurian Gobi (Cauliflower)

When my parents would host dinner parties it would be nothing but perfection. My mom would make the most sophisticated of dishes that would not only taste amazing but were presented with such elegance. No matter what the cuisine may be, they somehow managed to make it look and taste heavenly.

Manchurian Gobi was one of those starter dishes that my mom would make to give a taste of what to expect for the main course. If the starters were this fancy, what will the main course be like…and she never did disappoint. Read More »