Manchurian Gobi (Cauliflower)

Manchurian Gobi (Cauliflower)

When my parents would host dinner parties it would be nothing but perfection. My mom would make the most sophisticated of dishes that would not only taste amazing but were presented with such elegance. No matter what the cuisine may be, they somehow managed to make it look and taste heavenly.

Manchurian Gobi was one of those starter dishes that my mom would make to give a taste of what to expect for the main course. If the starters were this fancy, what will the main course be like…and she never did disappoint. From starters to main course, and even the dessert, everything was absolutely flawless.

My recipe for Manchurian Gobi is an altered version of my mother’s. It’s a mix of how I remember my mom making it and a mix of what I’ve read on Manchurian Gobi.

To be honest, I don’t always follow recipes down to the ‘tee’. I am constantly adjusting measurements and experimenting with ingredients to create my own version. I always use recipes as a starting point and build up from there.



1 Cauliflower
Oil for deep frying

For the Batter:
1/2 cup of gram flour
3 tbsp corn flour
1/2 tsp ginger paste
1/2 tsp garlic paste
1 tsp red chilli powder
salt to taste

For the Sauce:
1 onion
1 bell pepper
2 jalapeños
Ginger paste
Garlic paste
Red chili powder
Soy Sauce
Siracha Sauce
Tomato Sauce
Chilli Oil
Salt to taste


  1. Cut cauliflower into small florets and put aside.

  2. Heat oil in a deep pan for frying.

  3. In a medium size mixing bowl combine all the ingredients needed for the batter, add a little water and mix until you have created a batter. The batter should not be too thick or too watery.

  4. Once the oil is hot, drop florets into batter and fry until golden brown. Be careful not to overcrowd in the pan, you do not want the florets to stick together.

  5. Once all florets are fried until golden brown, put aside.

  6. In a wok heat oil and saute onions (finely chopped).

  7. Add ginger and garlic paste and fry for a few seconds.

  8. Add the jalapeños and bell peppers and saute for 3 minutes.

  9. Add the chili powder & salt (to taste), fry for 5 minutes until spices and vegetables are combined well.

  10. Once cooked, add soy sauce, siracha, tomato sauce. (I also add a small dash of chili oil since my husband prefers spicy food).

  11. If you feel like your sauce is a bit too thick or dry, you can a little water (but add very little at a time, not a whole lot at once).

  12. Add the fried cauliflower florets and cover it completely with the sauce.

  13. Reduce heat and cook the florets in the sauce for 10 minutes. If you need to, you can taste to see if you need more salt or more chili sauce if it is not spicy enough for you.

  14. Serve Immediately and Enjoy 🙂


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