Greek Kale Salad

Mediterranean Kale Salad

One of my favorite cuisines is Greek food. I absolutely love the different taste palettes it offers and how flavorful each dish is; I am always left wanting more. A short while ago, I went to an amazing Greek restaurant and had the most memorable experience. It had an intimate setting on the outside patio with beautiful string lights and live music; it was absolutely perfect. Read More »

Puff Pastry Pizza

Puff Pastry Pizza

Puff Pastry Pizza

This past weekend I was having a huge Netflix and Pizza kind of craving. I just wanted to veg out on my bed, eat some pizza, and watch Friends. I was about to order some pizza when I thought how much of it would go to waste, how fatty it is, how I’d have to physically go and pick it up, blah blah. So I figured, why not make some myself! Read More »

Spicy Cajun Drumsticks

Garlic Cajun Drumsticks


I like to plan my dinners ahead of time, so I know what needs to be prepared and when to make it. Since I work full time as well, I need to get a bit creative with what I make; I usually go for the quick but tasty dishes on the weeknights. These garlic cajun drumsticks are not only quick and easy but they are so flavorful and juicy when you make them.Read More »

Tandoori Chicken; restaurant style!

My recipe for Tandoori Chicken took me a few tries to really perfect it, but I can now say it is truly PERFECTION. According to my husband, my Tandoori Chicken is better than any he’s had at a restaurant- and that is huge, considering he’s extremely judgy when it comes to 2 things: meat dishes & desserts.

I’ve found that letting the chicken sit in the marinade for at least 3 days really is a must; it makes the chicken all the more flavorful. Read More »



Anyone who knows me knows how much I love bread-and bread with Balsamic Vingar… even better. I was first introduced to Bruschetta by my best friend, Amanda. A bunch of us friends had met up for dinner and she had made bruschetta, chicken breasts, and we paired it with a nice bottle of Moscotto. It was our favorite kind of girls night; we would just meet up to eat and have a great time talking about life, food, and our future plans. Read More »

Manchurian Gobi (Cauliflower)

Manchurian Gobi (Cauliflower)

When my parents would host dinner parties it would be nothing but perfection. My mom would make the most sophisticated of dishes that would not only taste amazing but were presented with such elegance. No matter what the cuisine may be, they somehow managed to make it look and taste heavenly.

Manchurian Gobi was one of those starter dishes that my mom would make to give a taste of what to expect for the main course. If the starters were this fancy, what will the main course be like…and she never did disappoint. Read More »