I grew up in a rather large family of 10, all under one roof for 15 years of my life. It was during those 15 years, and all the years to follow, where I realized how important it is to know how to cook and be good at it. My family would host dinner parties and instead of having food catered, we’d cook ourselves. I was always so mesmerized by how sophisticated food could look, with all the different colors, different, textures, and different aromas; that was when I first fell in love with cooking.

Years later, I grew older and became more aware of actually how to cook. I would sit in About The Soulful Cookthe kitchen with my mom and try to keep up with her cooking skills trying to mimic how she would cook; I always wanted to be as good as her. Anytime guests would come over for dinner they would always praise how wonderful of a cook my mom was, how elegant her food looks and tastes, and how perfect the presentation always was; it truly felt like I was learning from the best.

Now as a married woman, I realize there are two types of cooks in this world. There are those who cook because they have to feed their families and there are those who cook because it is their passion.

Cooking is an art for me, my passion, almost therapeutic for me. No matter what kind of day I’ve had, I know I can step into my kitchen and escape from everything. I love being able to combine different textures, different colors, and different ingredients all into one unique dish.

So here’s to my blog, a place where I can share all my favorite dishes that are deeply entangled with fond memories and beautiful moments.

For inquiries and questions please feel free to contact me directly. Enjoy!

-Navneet Kaur